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Our firm is unique, not only do we work with executives to develop a plan to address their challenges and opportunities, but we also bring real solutions to help address these problems to quickly benefit the organization. We have partnered with many healthcare executives and entrepreneurs and will bring their years of experience and solutions to you.

Our firm is focused on working with organizations to help their executives and governance to better understand their healthcare challenges and opportunities and to bring solutions that can quickly have an impact on an organization and create sustainable value.

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Our Leadership & Advisory Group

John Tolmie headshot

John Tolmie, CEO

John has over 25 years of healthcare executive experience with half of those as CEO of hospitals and regional health systems. In his role John has established the vision, strategic direction, operational oversight, leadership development, quality initiatives, strategic partnerships and driving organizations to sustainable success. In addition, John is an accomplished entrepreneur in multiple technology companies. John has also worked with multiple healthcare technology solution companies, guiding the strategic direction, business development and market presence.

John and his wife live in Baltimore, Maryland.

Greg Eisele headshot

Greg Eisele

As CEO of a national resource capability and business development company and former healthcare executive, Greg bring a national perspective on identifying and sourcing best practice solutions for healthcare. With his team’s extensive background and experience in hands-on management and leadership his firm has been able to identify, vet, certify and strategically utilize best-in-class resources in partnership with seasoned subject matter experts to optimize the financial, operational and strategic objective of the healthcare organization.

Greg and his wife live in Fresno, California.

Alexander Yaffe headshot

Alexander Yaffe

Alexander is CEO of a national healthcare and higher education consulting firm, serving organizations for over 40 years. He has developed expertise in the technical, operational, and governance aspects of executive compensation, deferred compensation and benefit plan design, and implementation strategies, as well as the regulatory requirements for compliance. In addition, Alexander expertise extends to physician compensation, governance structure, fair market value assessment and other physician services. He has assisted numerous boards with assessing executive compensation programs, executive performance evaluation methods, and retirement plan design. Alexander has authored numerous articles and monographs.

Alexander and his wife live in Baltimore, Maryland.

Patricia Bosse headshot

Patricia Bosse

Pat is an accomplished healthcare and higher education executive, serving in executive positions for more than 25 years. Pat has successfully lead organizations growth and innovation through the planning and execution of strategic plans, development and execution of major capital campaigns, creative marketing, branding and communications. Her portfolio includes experience in crisis communications, leadership development, strategic planning, marketing and branding.

Pat and her husband live in Baltimore, Maryland.

Bonnie Phipps headshot

Bonnie Phipps

An accomplished c-suite executive with over 35 years as a healthcare executive, ranging from CFO to CEO. Bonnie has expertise in strategic planning, operational improvement, physician enterprise solutions, governance advisory and merger, affiliations and acquisitions. She has held numerous board positions in health systems, non-profits and government agencies. Bonnie is a CPA, CMCP and FHFMA and served as chair of the healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and has been named multiple times as a Top 100 healthcare Executive.

Bonnie and her husband live in Baltimore, Maryland.

Jim Wiederhold headshot

Jim Wiederhold

Jim has over 28 years of healthcare experience and has assisted over 1500 healthcare executives successfully transition to the next level with enhanced skills and behaviors. Working with so many executives over his career has afforded Jim the unique insight into how the industry has evolved and changed over time and how executives need to adapt in order to continue their success. Jim’s expertise includes career coaching, onboarding, network expansion, external and internal transition to Emotional Intelligence and executive coaching. The focus of Jim’s work is to achieve balance between business and personal goals/desire.

Jim and his wife live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Carol Coughlin headshot

Carol Coughlin

Carol navigates the complex and high-pressure world of corporate finance and strategy with skill, determination, and practicality that underlies and compliments her innovation spirit. She is a respected leader, financial strategy expert, governance advisor and entrepreneur. Carol is an accomplished CFO who has helped lead four of the most prominent healthcare services companies in the United States to sustained profitability. Carol believes that small and mid-sized companies need and deserve the same level of strategic and financial expertise as their large corporate counterparts. She provides industry-leading growth advisory and outsourced CFO and Board advisory services to help businesses achieve significant good growth- growth that increases profitability, sustainability and enterprise values.

Carol and her husband live in Baltimore, Maryland.

Nancy Landrum headshot

Nancy Landrum

Nancy has served clients in the healthcare, higher education, and nonprofit industries, leading significant growth through the planning and execution of major campaigns that are creative and forward thinking. Her portfolio includes experience in branding and communications, fundraising campaigns of all types, creation of signature events, website and video development, grant writing, social media, and public relations.

Nancy and her husband live in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dave Mahoney headshot

Dave Mahoney

Dave is a former PayPal executive and digital marketing expert who has led numerous campaigns helping healthcare organizations leverage the extraordinary benefits of digital platforms. He also serves as an adjunct professor of Social Media Marketing at Johns Hopkins University.

Dave and his wife live in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Empowering extraordinary children to a lifetime of independence and accomplishment through education, opportunity – and love.

Faraja Primary School for Children with Physical Disabilities stands proudly beneath majestic Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa. Faraja provides love and opportunity to young people in a country where the disabled are deemed not worthy of education and inclusion as full members of society.

At Faraja, the students push their limits, discover opportunities, and master skills. Nationally recognized for its record of student achievement, Faraja School is a caring residential community that provides academic rigor and medical support to help each student strengthen mind, body, and spirit.

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